TT Botnia in Maalahti has moved to a new location

The office has relocated to the village of Petolahti in Maalahti, at Petolahdentie 13 D. The new premises are on the first floor of the office building, at the south end of the building. 


The move does not affect the services of the Maalahti office, which will continue to offer appointments with an occupational health nurse, occupational physiotherapist, and occupational health psychologist. 

The new premises allow the entire TT Botnia occupational health team to operate in the same location. Additionally, the facilities now include rooms for hearing and spirometry examinations. 


In practice, only the address is changing. 


– We will serve our customers in Maalahti throughout June, with the exception of special opening hours during Midsummer week. The Maalahti office will be closed later in the summer from July 8th to August 11th. During that time, occupational health services will be available in Vaasa, says TT Botnia’s service manager Johanna Envall-Storsved.