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Wellbeing creates success. Together for better workplace wellbeing! We participate in improving and securing personnel’s workplace wellbeing according to your company’s strategy.

With TT Botnia you have access to comprehensive digital services!

At TT Botnia, we understand how important it is that high quality occupational health services are available regardless of time and place. That’s why we offer your company a wide range of digital services, which gives flexibility to the employee and the employer.

Video Appointment

An effortless and data-secure way to handle occupational health care visits that do not require clinical examinations.


Book an appointment on our website without waiting. You only need your bank identifiers when logging in for the first time.

Nurse Chat

In the nurse chat, you can get in touch with an estimate of the need for care on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m.

Message to your company’s occupational health nurse

In non-urgent cases you can communicate with your occupational health nurse in charge and send pictures or video files to make appointment smoother.

Statutory services vs. specialized medical care

What level of service do you need?

At TT Botnia, we can put together a set of services that suits your needs from our comprehensive range of services. We are also the only operator in the Ostrobothnia region that enables the purchase of statutory services only.

Statutory services

According to the Occupational Health Care Act, employers must provide their employees with occupational health care services. TT Botnia appoints its own occupational health nurse and general practitioner for the client company.

The employer enters into a written agreement with TT Botnia setting out the general arrangements for occupational health care and the content and scope of the services.

General practitioner level medical care agreement

The agreement covers the occupational health nurses’ and general practitioner’s appointments with examinations remotely or on-site.

Extensive medical care contract

Extensive medical care contract enables the holistic well-being of employees and work communities to be supported. TT Botnia appoints its own team for the client company, which covers all the necessary occupational health care professionals.

Following the conclusion of the contract, the employer and the representatives of the occupational health service will jointly draw up an action plan based on the workplace investigation report containing more detailed information on the content of occupational health care activities.

Together we can customize the perfect occupational health service package for your company

At TT Botnia, we understand that every company is different, and so are the needs of occupational health care. That’s why we help you put together a flexible coverage of occupational health services that best suits your company.

Your service package may include, for example:

Check out our service price list:

Workplace visit

Workplace inspection is part of statutory occupational health services and forms the basis for occupational health activities. The workplace survey assesses workplace conditions and exposures, such as physical and psychosocial workload, work arrangements, accident hazards and first aid capabilities.

Creating an action plan

The action plan is drawn up based on the workplace survey in cooperation between TT Botnia and the employer. The action plan is part of statutory occupational health services.

Personnel’s health checks

The aim of the occupational health inspection is to preventively identify work-related exposures to diseases and reduced working capacity. The content of the inspection varies, e.g. according to the requirements of the job, the number of exposures and the health status of the employee.

Laboratory services

Finding out many factors affecting health often requires laboratory tests, which is why their inclusion in occupational health services supports the comprehensive well-being of employees.

Recommended additional services

In addition to statutory services, we offer e.g.:

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How the process works?

Do not forget KELA compensation for services

Based on the Health Insurance Act, the employer has the right to receive KELA compensation for the necessary and reasonable costs of occupational health care.

Up to 60 % of compulsory services.
Up to 50 % of medical care services. (When the share of medical care is max. 40% of the total cost)