Occupational health care services

Workplace investigation

The planning of occupational health care activities at the workplace is based on a workplace investigation.

Health check

The aim of the occupational health check is to identify work-related diseases and eventual reductions in working ability in a preventive manner.

Occupational health oriented medical care

Our medical care is based on occupational health care, i.e. we focus on illnesses and injuries relating to the occupation or conditions that have a long-term effect on the employee’s ability to work.

Support for work ability

Together with the employer, we aim to support the employees in maintaining and promoting their ability to work.

Seafarers’ health care

A recognised medical practitioner at the health centre for seafarers has the right to issue a seafarer’s pre-sea examination certificate required at the time of departure for maritime work or at the start of related studies.

Contract for occupational health services

According to the Occupational Health Care Act, employers must provide their employees with occupational health care services.


The employer enters into a written agreement with the provider of occupational health services, setting out the general arrangements for occupational health care and the content and scope of the services.


TT Botnia appoints an occupational health team for the client company.


Following the conclusion of the contract, the employer and the representatives of the occupational health service will jointly draw up an action plan on the basis of the workplace investigation report containing more detailed information on the content of occupational health care activities.


Our goal is a reliable and high-quality occupational health care package designed in cooperation with the employer.

Objectives of occupational health care

  • Healthy and safe work and working environment
  • A well-functioning workplace community
  • Prevention of work-related diseases and accidents
  • Maintaining and promoting the worker’s ability to work and function during different career stages

KELA support to the employer

On the basis of the Health Insurance Act, the employer has the right to receive KELA compensation for the necessary and reasonable costs of occupational health care.