About us

TT Botnia promotes well-being in Ostrobothnia and South Ostrobothnia.

We provide high-quality occupational health services in the region. Employers can freely enter into service agreements with us, either for statutory occupational health services or for a broader range of services, including healthcare services to the desired extent.


The majority of our clients consist of municipalities in the area, the Ostrobothnia and South Ostrobothnia welfare regions, as well as businesses of various sizes ranging from agricultural entrepreneurs to industrial and commercial enterprises.


Our services are easily accessible to clients through our extensive network of branches, efficient telemedicine services, and competent professionals. Ensuring well-being in every workplace is our priority.


By offering reliable and high-quality services, we contribute to creating a better working life together.

We serve corporate clients under the name YritysBotnia.

TT Botnia’s subsidiary, YritysBotnia, has been providing occupational health services to corporate clients, associations, and entrepreneurs since March 1, 2023. TT Botnia continues to provide occupational health services to its municipal and joint municipal authority owners.The reason for the separation into parent and subsidiary companies is the amended procurement law. This administrative change does not affect our services: we continue to serve both our municipal and corporate clients alike.

Our activities are guided by our values:

  • respect for each other
  • customer orientation
  • know-how
  • continuous development


Our strengths include multiprofessional teamwork, flexibility, and quality services.