First aid trainings

First aid training

First aid training, the Finnish Red Cross FRC

The Occupational Safety Act requires that the employer maintains first-aid readiness at the workplace. We provide our clients with various levels of first aid courses that give the ability and courage to respond even in unexpected emergencies and can be tailored to the needs of companies. Our first aid courses follow the FRC framework, and the trainers are officially approved first aid and health information trainers working in occupational health.

FRC’s first aid training can also take the form of hybrid courses, in which case the theoretical part of the training takes place online and face-to-face training is conducted under the supervision of the teacher.

Our training programme includes:

Courses in Finnish

SPR Emergency First Aid Course 4 h R On-site Training

SPR Emergency First Aid Course 4 h R Webinar

SPR Emergency First Aid Course 4 h R Online Training

SPR Emergency First Aid Course 8 h R On-site Training

SPR Emergency First Aid Course 8 h R Webinar

SPR Emergency First Aid Course 8 h R Hybrid Training

SPR First Aid Course 16 h R On-site Training

SPR First aid course 16 h R Webinar

SPR First aid course 16 h R Hybrid Training

Emergency First Aid Course for Electrical Workers 8 h, On-site Training

For more information on the courses:

Minna Bonn, 040 7585199

Outi Rasinperä, 040 5498699

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